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We follow the Alliance Française de Seattle Core Language Instruction based upon the Common European Framework (CEF). This integrated program is carefully designed for the student to successfully acquire comprehensive communication skills in French, as well as learning about French and francophone cultures. It is explained below; click here for more specifics about texts and modules.

Adult Classes

Beginner Courses

French for Travel

This 5-week course is intended for the novice to low intermediate French speaker with the specific goal of traveling to a French speaking country. The curriculum is developed to give students the vocabulary they must have to communicate their needs in real-life situations. Themes are focused around travel necessities such as ordering in a restaurant, making reservations, finding accommodations, and shopping.

Students are also instructed on French culture, regional foods and wines, and communication strategies.

Students who wish to continue beyond this course are recommended to enroll in FR 101 for a more thorough study of the French language.

Beginner 101

This introductory class is for students who have no prior knowledge of French. You will learn basic language skills to introduce yourself and others, to ask and answer common questions, and to write a brief note. Guided grammar study of regular present tense verbs and common irregular verbs être (to be) and avoir (to have), as well as negation and interrogation will allow you to enjoy simple interactions in French.

Beginner 102

You will continue building a solid foundation in the French language with situational exercises to share your interests and activities. You will learn common colloquial idioms, how to present and respond to invitations, and how to give instructions. You will continue your study of present tense irregular verbs, and learn how to express time using verb tenses of present (présent) and past (passé composé). You will be able to talk about yourself and your favorite activities and celebrations, and you'll write your opinion on a simple subject.

Beginner 103

As you progress in your learning, you will read and talk in more detail about your experiences and activities. You'll study the verb tenses for recent past, continuous present and simple future, and the grammatical structures to describe places and people and communicate news. You will learn basic telephone skills, how to understand a menu, and how to write a vacation letter. You're ready to travel in France!

Beginner 104

This class is a bridge to the Intermediate level, providing you an opportunity to reinforce the skills you have learned in previous classes. Reading and conversation will focus on presenting more detailed descriptions, expressing appreciation, explaining situations, and giving advice and recommendations. Study of prepositions, pronouns, articles, and the imperfect (imparfait) verb tense will help you perfect and broaden your communication. At this point in your learning, you'll possess the vocabulary and grammar to relate memories, compare past situations to current circumstances, and write a formal letter.

Beginner 120 - French for Travel

This 5 week course is a must if you are traveling to France with no prior knowledge of French, or if you are in need of a quick review. You will be introduced to the richly diverse country of France and its customs, regions and language, so your trip will be more enjoyable and successful. Emphasis is placed on verbal communication using basic survival vocabulary. Subjects include greetings, counting, directions, reservations, transportation, restaurant and shopping skills.

Intermediate Courses

Intermediate 201

As you enter intermediate level coursework, you will continue to refine and expand your language abilities with confidence. You'll learn how to characterize people and places, and talk about your relationships with friends and family. You'll review present and past tenses (passé composé and imparfait), and study indirect speech and time indicators (il y a, dans, pendant) to help you in more advanced situations such as booking hotels and restaurants, and making other travel arrangements. Your writing ability will be at the level of composing a short news article.

Intermediate 202

During this class, you will explore a variety of French media, including newspapers, magazines, television, and film. You'll develop the ability to understand and discuss your reactions to opinions presented in newspaper articles and movie reviews. You'll learn informal and formal styles of expression, and practice business communications and formalities. You'll study grammatical structures which will help you in more complex situations such as expressing a complicated necessity or giving comprehensive advice.

Intermediate 203

During this class, you'll deepen your understanding of French culture. You'll discuss different artistic genres and groups, and provide your opinions on past and contemporary styles. You'll learn the verb tenses and structures to express your wishes and hopes for the future (souhaiter que + subjunctive; espérer que + indicative), how to communicate cause and consequence, and how to narrate in the past tense. As you progress to full fluency, you'll be able to talk about an exceptional event and prepare a written analysis on a subject of your choice.

Intermediate 204

You will expand your language abilities and your exploration of French life and culture through discussions and readings about politics, art, science, literature and business. You will be able to negotiate, write reports, and discuss events of the day with ease and confidence. Grammatical study in the Intermediate 205 course includes indirect speech, sequence of tenses, and comparatives. In the Intermediate 206 course, you'll continue to study similarity and contrast, as well as the uses of the conditional and subjunctive to express wish, will, obligation and feelings.

Intermediate 215 - Grammar and Composition I

Strengthen and refine and your skills by concentrating on the structural elements of grammar and composition through reading, writing and conversation. You will extend your language abilities by applying grammar concepts in context while also increasing your vocabulary and learning about French society.

Intermediate 220 - Conversation I

Learn to easily converse in French while gaining self confidence in this fun, interactive class. You will broaden your vocabulary, improve your listening comprehension, and advance your pronunciation while learning about French life.

Intermediate 222 - Joie de Vivre

This course is specially designed for adventurous seniors (62+) seeking a fun, exciting and educational way to learn French for travel, leisure and friendship. Taught in a relaxed yet challenging atmosphere, this class will certainly open new vistas for you to explore.

Intermediate 225 - Prononciation et Expression Orale

This course provides participants with skill in identification and analysis of the pronunciation patterns and sounds. Students will be given specific pronunciation exercises and will practice reading aloud using a variety of texts (i.e., dialogues, poems, stories, etc.). Activities will be related to authentic contexts and situations.

Intermediate 250 - Business French

Being knowledgeable about customs and language can give you the successful edge in your business endeavors. This course covers general information on etiquette, introductions, common business practices, and guidelines for writing effective business letters, proposals, and typical communications. You will also converse about the latest developments in France and the world using news articles or television programs. Customized classes can be arranged to accommodate special business requirements.

Les cours de niveaux avancés

Advanced Courses

Avec les cours de niveaux avancés, vous continuerez à mettre en pratique et raffiner vos compétences tout en étudiant les différents aspects de la vie en France et du monde francophone. Vous explorerez et discuterez en profondeur des sujets spécialisés.

Advanced 320 - Conversation II

Le cours de conversation avancée aura pour base des articles de l'actualité ou des sujets spécialisés (Art, Sociologie, Tourisme - par exemple) selon l'intérêt de la classe qui seront discutés, présentés et débattus.

Advanced 325 - Littérature

Le cours offrira aux étudiants la possibilité de découvrir ou redécouvrir les chefs-d'œuvre de littérature française et francophone classique ou moderne. Les textes seront discutés tout autant du point de vue historique que littéraire.


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