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About this event:

Created by afseattle

Participate in the 2016 international photo contest organized by the Fondation Alliance Française and the Alliance Française de Seattle!

Thème : Objectif sport !

Participation in the contest is free. The contest is based on the submission of photos that illustrate the theme “Objectif Sport ! ”.

Affiche_Af_photoWithin the scope of 2016’s international sporting events, the Fondation Alliance Française organizes for the 6th occasion a photo contest, “Objectif Sport !” illustrating the theme of sports. Specific rules and customs, which are framing sport, are an integral part of countries’ culture. Also, sport plays a strong social part in modern as much as traditional society. Thus, participants throughout the world will put in image what, according to us, depicts the best sporting activities in their countries. So, thanks to photography, they will transmit main values of that discipline: tolerance, open-mindedness, social inclusion and team cohesion.

Please read the contest rules.


Submissions must be sent to no later than midnight, May 12, 2016.

In the week following the submission deadline, Alliance Française de Seattle’s jury will name its winner and send the 2 selected photos to the Fondation Alliance Française.

May 30th 2016: The jury of the Fondation Alliance Française will announce its winner.

Prizes awarded:

A selection of the photos submitted by the finalists and by the grand prize winner will be displayed in a group exhibition in Paris by the Fondation Alliance Française.
The Grand Prize Winner will be invited to spend one week in Paris. Air fare (economy class round- trip), lodging (youth hostel category or the equivalent) for one week in Paris, and  €40/day will be provided to the winner by the Fondation Alliance Française.

Would you like to participate?

To participate, please follow the instructions below.

Please fill out this registration form and send it to us by email at, or by mail to 4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Suite 205, Seattle 98103.

For preselection, please send your 2 photos in the TIFF file format (preferred), or JPEG (as an alternative) with a resolution of 300 dpi. Submit your photos through and send them by email to Please refer to the contest rules for further information regarding photo specifications.