Cara Black Book Reading

Cara BlackCara Black is back with her 17th novel in her famous Aimée Leduc series with Murder in Saint-Germain and will be in Seattle June 13 and 14 for readings and signings.

June 13, 7pm
Third Place Books (Ravenna)
6504 2àth Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98115

June 14, 12pm
Seattle MysteryBookshop
117 Cherry St.
Seattle, WA 98104

“Aimée Leduc, the fashionable doyenne of Parisian detectives, is back on the case — this time juggling a trio of seemingly impossible jobs: the first of which has ties to her mother’s treacherous past, the second, and most dangerous, involves a series of murders where the victims are all highly trained members of a Hague counterterrorism unit, and last but not least, is caring for her eight-month-old baby. How does she do it?”