Info & Policies

Placement Test

New students with prior experience in French language learning are required to take a free online placement test in order to be placed in the appropriate class. We also recommend an assessment of your oral level. Please contact to make a quick phone appointment!


AF Seattle membership is not required to take group classes; however, a $40 registration fee will be applied to each registration for non-members.

Please note that AFSeattle membership is required to register for private classes or take part in AFSeattle’s Choir.

Unless otherwise specified, textbooks are not included in the price of the course and can be purchased here.

The registration deadline for all regular classes is 48 hours before the beginning of the course. Past this deadline, a $25 late registration fee will apply.

Registration and payment are due prior to the start of classes.

Course Cancellations & Changes

The Alliance Française de Seattle reserves the right to cancel courses, adjust curriculum or change teachers at any time during the session. Courses are typically cancelled due to insufficient enrollment (a minimum of four enrollments is required to open a class), unavailability of a teacher, or inability to schedule appropriate instructional space.

If you are registered in a class that is canceled, you will be notified by telephone or email and given the option to transfer to another course or to be fully refunded.

No-show policy: the instructor will wait 15 minutes after the start of the class, after which the class is canceled. No makeup possible.

Missed Classes

The Alliance Française de Seattle can offer 10% off for students not being able to attend all class sessions due to work or travel. This discount can only be applied if students contact the office prior to registration. It can be applied for the following:

  • Group classes, 30 hours of instruction: If more than 4 sessions (a total of 6 hours) are going to be missed
  • Group classes, 20 hours of instruction: If more than 2 sessions (a total of 4 hours) are going to be missed


  • Students may request a transfer from one group class to another group class before the third session.
  • Any difference in price will be charged, or a credit or refund given.
  • Students cannot be transferred from group classes to private tuition.

Drop-in classes

Learners can register for drop-in classes exclusively for our communication and world news classes at any time during a session at the following rates: $50.00 per 2-hr class; $37.50 per 1.5-hr class. Places are limited, you have to confirm your drop-in at least 48 hours before the class.

Private Classes

AFSeattle membership is required to sign up for private instruction.

A minimum number of 4 hours is required to create a new private class. More info & registration here.


  • AF Members will receive a 10% discount for any additional group classes or workshops taken in the same quarter. This discount does not apply on private classes.
  • Early Bird discounts are not applicable outside the dates of the sale.
  • AF discounts are not cumulative.

Refunds & Credits

Before the first class: Class tuition will be refunded minus a $40.00 cancellation fee.

Before the third class meeting: Class tuition will be refunded minus a $40.00 cancellation fee and classes attended.

Credits must be used within the year and are not transferable.

Exam fees are non-refundable.

Tuition Payment

The Alliance Française accepts  payments in cash, by check, bank transfer, or credit card. The easiest way to pay for your class is online.

Payments must be made in full at enrollment.

Non-Discrimination Policy 

AFSeattle does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, disability, gender, sexuality, and national or ethnic origin in the administration of its admissions, educational, or employment policies and programs.

Disruptive Student Policy 

The AFSeattle reserves the right to dismiss any student whose behavior is inappropriate or disruptive to the learning environment and to other students. If AFSeattle receives such a complaint from a teacher and/or fellow students about a student, a meeting will be called with that student to notify him or her of the complaint and to request a change if and when warranted. If after that warning, the student continues to be disruptive, the student will be dismissed, and, when appropriate, AFSeattle will issue a pro-rated refund for any classes not yet taken.

Updated June 2019